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How to protect dentist and patients during in Covid-19?

Updated: May 5, 2020

The TRUTH You Need To Know

Do you know that virus and bacteria can float in the air for about 6 hours?

And when someone sneezes, the droplets that fly out of the mouth can travel up to 160 feet away, and go through the building’s HVAC system?


And has paralyzed the world in just a couple of months.

Dental instruments create hazardous bio-aerosols containing microbes from saliva, blood, and subgingival fluids. And medical staff are exposed on a daily basis to toxic chemicals, vapors, gases and other pollutants such as Mercury.

And as I mentioned already, these contaminants can remain suspended in the air, and travel very long distances.

Face Masks are not that safe either. They cannot filter out submicron particles and are not designed to eliminate air leakage around the edges.

But to solve the bigger problem this Covid-19 has brought to us

The lockdown of countries, forced quarantines, and the fear people have to get infected. It's understandable that fear. No one wants to be forced into a hospital with hundreds of infected people.

And with no more patients, and an uncontrollable spread of coronavirus, the future doesn’t look so bright, specially if your business is getting hurt every day.

Fortunately, there's now a solution that can help fix this problem, with innovational technology that disinfects and purifies the air , and Extra-oral High-volume Vacuum Aspirator, all of them can protect dentist and medical workers, patients .

Medical Aerosol Air Disinfector

Extra-oral High-volume Vacuum Aspirator

In the midst of Coronavirus spreading, we, Dynamic as medical equipments provider, in the face of the current severe prevention and control situation, we hope to provide timely and reassuring services to customers as always, on the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control requirements and ensuring the life and health of all our employees. In this special period, we will take the following emergency measures: 1, Online purchase is not closed. 2, We will strengthen online communication with customers. You can interact with our staff through online chat .

We salute every worker who is fighting on the front line! We will always work with all customers and partners to fight against the epidemic! Spring is coming, everything begins to renew. We are looking forward to the day when we will shake hands with you and take off our masks to share our friendship!

Better Air, Better Life!

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