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Intra-oral Scanner


Dental Image Solution

Intra-oral Scanner

Dynamic Intra-oral Scanner


With own software and Real Color photo and scanning images, this CE and FDA approved scanner has Industry-leading scanning accuracy and speed.  It enables its users to use it smoothly, in a flexible workflow.

Previously, obtaining dental impressions  was a time consuming and uncomfortable process for the patients...
These gags look familiar?

Now there is an easier and more comfortable way to obtain dental impressions with the Intraoral Scanner DDS300


Advantages of the DDS300

Real Color Scanning Accuracy

Colored scanning that shows in vivo the true dental situation in real time.


Intraoral Photo Camera

Taking an intraoral picture during scanning process can be of assistance when communicating with the patients.


Hardware Advantages

Ergonomic Design

Needs no calibration

High temperature and pressure autoclave sterilization tips

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Easier To Maneuver

15mm depth of field provides scanning efficiency and ensures data integrity.

Built-in anti fog tips. The scanner tips automatically mirror the heat to ensure data accuracy.

Ergonomic size and weight:
weights 350 g and the tips fit children as well as elderly patients.

DYNAMIC DDS300 Parameters

DYNAMIC DDS300 Advantages


Automatic Defogging

Tips with built-in automatic heating chip design, automatic defogging make scanning environment clear and reliable.

True Color Scanning Process

The scanning images present the true color of the patient's mouth condition vividly, making the communication between doctors and patients easier and more effective.

Need No Calibration

The unique design need no calibration,simplify the operation process and reduces the time and cost of equipment maintenance.

Intelligent Algorithm

Data intelligent optimization. The software can intelligently identify data such as soft tissues, gloves and mouth mirrors in the oral cavity, which greatly reduces the operation time.

High Temperature Autoclave Disinfection

Humanized Accessibility

High temperature and autoclave disinfection of the tip can reduce the risk of cross infection and create a safer diagnosis and treatment environment for hospitals.

1- Order Copy and Rescan:

Sent orders can be copied multiple times, scanned and retained. Scan data can be used for patient treatment analysis.

2- HD Imaging:

DYNAMIC DDS300 can take pictures of the patient's abutment teeth and send it to the processing plant as design reference data. Improve communication efficiency between doctors and technicians and improve the yield of restorations.

DYNAMIC DDS300 Software Features


Smart Reminder

Audio prompts, indicating current scan status and other situations that users should pay attention to allow users to focus on the patient rather than the computer screen.


Margin Line Tools

The Dynamic's IOS software allows automatic and manual extract of margin lines. With margin lines of the preparation areas in PLY file, the laboratory can design and manufacture the restoration more accurately.


Inspection & Measurement

Dynamic's IOS software provides multiple inspection and measurement tools. By occlusal space check, undercut detection, and distance measurement, users can identify and fix data issues before submitting to the laboratory.


Scan History

With scan history management, users can revisit an earlier scan and continue any operation.


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