Extra oral Suction

Most of the dental treatments require dental instruments, such as high and low speed handpieces, ultrasonic scaler, polishers and so on .During the working of these instruments, the combination of compressed air and water is vaporized during the circulation process, generating aerosols and droplets.

They will stay a long time within the range of 1 - 2 meters around dental chair, stomatological department and pneumology department are the most at - risk susceptible population .


Suction System

Dynair Central Suction System, lower power output but high suction vacuum. Integrated control,easy to operate. Split type design , movable, easy to install. Reliable performance, sustainable working. Modular structure, could add additional motor.


Air System

Dynair Central Air System adopt the oil-free piston type air motor, intelligent digital control system to make all the motors working regularly to extend service life. It has precision filter and efficient air dryer to provide the clean and dry air for dentistry and medical.

Intelligent Digital Control System c Silent Oilless Air Compressor

Advanced micro-computer control system.

Stable and Long life-span working system.

Easy and Simple Maintenance.

Compressor & Suction Dual Use System

  • Combining compressors air and suction in a single energy centre is a brilliant idea

  • Metal construction and a full enclosure all the way round meet the toughest design requirements and blend in with all types of equipment

  • It is possible to clearly define the installation work required, which means that the size and scale can be accurately calculated, eliminating any possible mistakes.

 Suction System

(Separable Type)

Meet your suction request of all kinds with strong powerful blower, high negative pressure produced perfect structure design, effectively prevent water into the pump modular design, easily maintain.

 Suction System

1. Smallest power, high suction volume, high vacuum

2. Integrated Control, easy to operate

3. Split type design, movable , easy to install

4. Reliable performance, sustainable working

5. Modular structure, could add the additional motor

 Integral Type   Suction 

Integral type suction

noise reduction, low vibration

doors can be completely disassembled, easy to install

separator and drainage bottle can be removed at any time to clean and install

Portable Dental Unit Series

Portable, Fashion Design, Perfect Structure, Complete function, Simple operation, High durability, Free Maintanance,  Environmentally friendly.

Portable Dental Chair Set

light and foldable, with specialized portable bag


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