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Real reasons why you should get your Extra Oral Vacuum System Now!

Updated: May 18, 2020

  • ​The aerosols produced during dental treatments remain around the dental chair for hours, and attache to the dentist clothing, hair and face masks. The extra oral vacuum eliminates the 99% of aerosols and droplets. Learn more here.

  • The Dynamic Extra-oral Vacuum will make your clients feel safe and comfortable to schedule their next treatment with you. They will even talk to their friends and family of how safe they felt during the treatment. Expect their friends and family scheduling appointments with you soon.

  • ​​Bring back the cash flow to your business during this pandemic and prepare for the phase 2 later this year... don't mean to hope it comes, but that is what the media and the WHO is warning about. 

  • ​Do your treatments as usual without delay and worries. Just position the Extra Oral Vacuum close enough to the patient's mouth, and let it do its job. It works like magic.

  • ​You will see your life in general recover from the lock-down, as well as your finances.

  • ​Start welcoming new customers to your office.

  • ​You can even contact your list of customers and tell them about your new infection control equipment, so they can feel safe.

  • ​And most importantly, BREATHE with total assurance that there is no mischievous virus hanging around.

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