Digital Phosphor Plate Scanner


Dental Image Solution

Digital Phosphor Plate Scanner

Digital Phosphor Plate Scanner ( PSP ), a new innovation for taking dental X-rays in 3 seconds.

Taking dental computed X-rays has never been so convenient for dentists or so comfortable for patients.


Complete dental images in seconds, without inconveniencing your patients! Our flexible and cable-free plates provide greater comfort and greater economy for your clinic .


Integrate patient results immediately via Wi-Fi to each team in the clinic , facilitating the work of doctors. 

Reasons to choose the Digital Scanner (PSP)

Direct and Clear Image

Our scanner models come with a large 10.1-inch HD touch screen that allows you to see the patient's dental image with total clarity in seconds.

High image quality: 17 lp/mm resolution and 16 gray scale.

Fully automatic scanning process. No image adjustments required.


Simple to Operate. Connect with 5G WIFI

Connect to computers without the need for cables.

Ready to use, automatic networking .

Installation is convenient since the Scanner automatically recognizes and connects with the equipment present in the clinic. In this way all clinic workers can access the information of each patient registered in the scanner.

Automatic scanning process, about 8 seconds.

Auto film advance, scan, image display, image processing, erase, film reverse, etc.


Scanning process, step by step

  1. Put the phosphor plate in the disposable bag.

  2. Seal the bag to avoid contact between the plate and the patient's mouth.

  3. Place the plate inside the patient's mouth, in the area to be examined.

  4. Take the x-ray impression.

  5. Remove the plate from the patient's mouth.

  6. Register the patient on the scanner monitor.

  7. Activate the scan

  8. Take the plate out of the disposable bag, and dispose of the bag.

  9. Put the plate on the scanner tray. 

  10. Auto scan (the data will be saved and the board will be reset)

  11. Optional: share scanner information with other clinic computers.

Some of our features...


Large HD Touch Screen

10.1 inch, HD, clear and direct image.


Independent Information System

Allows independent diagnostics. 4.5 GB storage space, in which about 30,000 images can be stored.


Built-in wireless projection functionality

Facilitates internal communication, connecting with tablets and computers in the office or clinic


Automatic Scanning Process

The processing is automatic and generates the necessary image in a few seconds.

Designed to work with...

Work with all Windows platforms.

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