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Digital Phosphor Plate Scanner


Dental Image Solution

Digital Phosphor Plate Scanner

Digital Phosphor Plate Scanner ( PSP ), a new innovation for taking dental X-rays in 3 seconds.

Taking dental computerized X-rays has never been so convenient for dentists and comfortable for patients.


Increase your diagnostic accuracy  in seconds. Now you can measure bone density, manage contrasts of images, and visualize from MAC, cellphones and tablets on the go.


Manage patients data immediately via Wi-Fi. Easily share images with patients and other doctors the work of doctors. 

Reasons to choose the Digital Scanner (PSP)

Direct and Clear Image

Our scanner models come with a large 10.1-inch HD touch screen that allows you to see the patient's dental image with total clarity in seconds.

You can visualize on the scanner itself, or you can use a computer, tablet of smartphone to access the images by linking the devices with a QR code.

High image quality: 17 lp/mm resolution and 16 gray scale. And now also comes with color functionality to clearly measure bone density.

Fully automatic scanning process. No image adjustments required.

koutu (3).png

Save On Costs and increased comfort for your clients

Wireless scanning has many advantages, and one of them is that it saves you money.  Even if a phosphor plate is damaged, it does not involve the scanner host, and the cost of replacing a plate is quite low. Dynamic's phosphor plates will last you for 3000 x-ray shots, when treated with care and always using gloves, to avoid the oil of the skin to affect the chemical composition.

Thanks to the thin and soft characteristics of the plate, the shooting is simple and comfortable, and it is more suitable for children, the elderly or patients who are prone to retching; its 100% display field of view helps the doctors have a more comprehensive understanding of the status of the entire tooth; there are 4 models (S0-S3) of the plate and the thickness of 0.4mm basically meets the needs of most people. It comes with 4 sizes of protective sleeves.

Screen Shot 2022-12-12 at 16.03.43.png
Screen Shot 2022-12-12 at 16.12.46.png

Simple to Operate. Connect with 5G WIFI

Connect to computers without the need for cables.

Ready  for networking .

Installation is convenient since the Scanner automatically recognizes and connects with the equipment present in the clinic.  This allows clinic practitioners to access the information of each patient registered in the scanner from their own devices.

Automatic scanning process.

Automatic image display, processing, and deletion of phosphor plates after the scanning process, to be ready for the next patient.


Admite el modo de ajuste de color en blanco y negro y

ayudar a los médicos a ver la división de densidad ósea con las tonalidades en color, donde el color azul es mayor densidad osea, y color rojo menor densidad.

Some of our features...


Upgraged Software

Observe the images from the cloud, unrestricted by venue


Increased storage capacity

4.5 - 64GB storage space, between 30,000 - 420000 images and patients can be stored.

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-05 at 4.59.26 PM.jpeg

Built-in wireless projection functionality

Facilitates internal communication, connecting with tablets and computers in the office or clinic


Independent Information System

Allows independent diagnostics. No need to turn on your computer. The scanner can be used alone to diagnose a patient. 

Works with all platforms

Work with all Windows, Mac and with cellphones and tablets... or completely alone by itself.


Increase your diagnostic accuracy in seconds with Dynamic Phosphor plate scanner or your money back

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