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The flexible efficient compact machine has a highly accurate dental milling system employed a couple of brand new designs to make it simple and easy to use. It is really a useful aid for digital chairside restoration, and dental laborartory processing.



Save space and easily moveable


High Precision and Efficiency

It takes15-30 minutes to complete a single restoration in with precision of 20 um


Patented Pneumatically-Powered Block Changing

Need no tools, such as a wrench


Precise Screw Hole

Directly mill the screw hole on the implant restorations (optional function)


Mill Two Restorations from a Single Ceramic Block

Reduce the costs of materials


Automatic Tool Changing and Tool Monitoring

Return the burs with one click to minimize the possibility of collision


Simple Operation and Easy to Maintain

The separate filtered water cooler needs no additional filters


Open System

Compatable with standard STL data for layout setting and milling


Equiped with minimal 0.5mm bur

A good balance of precision & durability, each set of burs can mill up to 20 blocks of restorations

Milling Machine

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