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Dental Practice Air Solution


Dental Air Solution

Dental Practice Air Solution

Dental Extra Oral Suction

Extra Oral Suction

During the working of these dental instruments, the combination of compressed air and water is vaporized during the circulation process, generating aerosols and droplets.


Aerosol Air Disinfector

The TRUTH You Need To Know

Do you know that virus and bacteria can float in the air for about 6 hours?

Medical staffs are exposed on a daily basis to toxic chemicals, vapors, gases and other pollutants such as Mercury.

Dynamic Dental Air Solution.JPG

Air Solution Package

Fortunately, there's now a solution that can help fix this problem, with innovational technology that disinfects and purifies the air , and Extra-oral High-volume Vacuum Aspirator, all of them can protect dentist and medical workers, patients .

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